On weekends, when, coming home from the Scharfenberg School, I walked along Pflugstrasse, I would always imagine the possibility of new fighting. Initially by instinct, then bolstered by theoretical insights, I started to grasp the mechanism that was cornering is more and more, that wanted to rob us of our voices. Peter Weiss. The Aesthetics of Resistance, Volume 1, 1975

Photo: Emma Haugh

In October Undisciplinary Learning steps out of SPACE and into the CITY. Undisciplinary Learning: CITY connects original locations from the book, which are characterized by transformations, traces of political conflicts, or ephemeral encounters, with current emancipatory topographies.

October 2nd, 14–17h
... along Pflugstrasse

Conversations and Performances with EXIT Deutschland e.V.Alicia FrankovichAchim Lengerer within the frame work of Die Ästhetik des Widerstands. Peter Weiss 100, a festival by HAU Hebbel am Ufer (28.9.– 8.10.2016). Conversations in German with whisper translation into English

Meeting point 14 h: Pflugstraße 7

Once a site of violent street fights between national socialists and communists, Pflugstrasse in the novel Aesthetics of Resistance is also a site of the protagonists’ political learning and intimate communication. With a performance by Alicia Frankovich, a public reading rehearsal Achim Lengerer and a conversation with EXIT Deutschland, the site-specific program investigates the actuality of the notion of resistance from artistic and activist perspectives.

In her performance Shine Theory, developed for Undisciplinary Learning, the artist Alicia Frankovich negotiates societal power relations and the development of (self) defense techniques by the state and by individuals. Based on approaches of feminist resistance in the contemporary urban milieu and on a post-human and queer perspectives, Shine Theory attempts to empower bodies within collective constellations in their subjectivity and difference. Broadly sourced and produced gestures, situations and relations of the living sculpture layers multiple contexts in a web of physical relations echoing our current condition and formulating future paths. Giving rise to bold physical assertions, the group of professional dancers as well as non-professionals in sequential choreographic passages engages in changing constructions of community and pluralistic behaviours. Responding to the personas of the participants, the performance interlaces urban sediments of lived histories, group strategies of resistance and positive self-assertion as well as embodied possibilities for inter-subjectivity.

In a new site-specific development of his long-term project Proben zu Peter Weiss \ The Trotsky Rehearsals Achim Lengerer invites visitors to engage with the political effects and operations of language and text. Along with materials, steeming from Lengerers research on Weiss’ play Trotsky in Exile (1970), which provoked literary-political debates within different segments of the left in both parts of Germany and thus ultimately brought Weiss to write The Aesthetics of Resistance, the “Public Reading Rehearsal” will integrates texts from the EXIT archives by people who broke away from the neo-fascist scenes in Germany. Lengerer’s Public Reading Rehearsals are a collective, performative practice for approaching fragments and politics that refer to the leftist reading groups of The Aesthetics of Resistance. At Pflugstrasse a text from 1981 by Christian Geissler—written for radio broadcast in 1981—will be proposed for reading and discussion. Back in time Geissler had been in an epistolary exchange with imprisoned RAF-members in Stammheim discussing The Aesthetics of Resistance.

EXIT Deutschland is an initiative, founded in Berlin in the year 2000 to help people, who wish to break with right wing extremism and build a new life for themselves. Based on the values of personal freedom and dignity members of the initiative confront the mindset and behaviors of right wing extremists. EXIT-Deutschland operates politically independent from government, police, secret service and judiciary. Fabian Wichmann one of the members of the organization will present the work of EXIT-Deutschland and give insight into the worldview of former right-wing extremists as well as the difficulties and strategies interrelated with their exit.