\ Knowledges

Calling something knowledge can be a political act, even a radical one. 
Thenjiwe Nkosi

In its description of the self-determined acquisition of knowledge, The Aesthetics of Resistance relates to the proletarian workers’ education of the early 20th Century. At the same time, it describes the institutional epicenters of western education and research—schools, research institutions, and museums—more specifically their radical emancipatory continuation or reclassification as liberal havens for the political development of the (male) protagonists.
Undisciplinary Learning: Knowledges artistically and discursively activates the legacy and continuing fields of social conflict animated by the Institute for Sexology founded by Magnus Hirschfeld, the school island Scharfenberg with its concept of progressive education, the Marxist evening school (MASCH), and the Pergamon Museum.