KUNCI Cultural Studies Center

After Afterwork, 2016. KUNCI Cultural Studies Center. Foto: Emma Haugh
After Afterwork. Photo: Emma Haugh

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center is a collective that is deeply preoccupied with critical knowledge production and sharing through means of media publication, cross-disciplinary encounter, research-action, artistic intervention, and vernacular education within and across community spaces. After ‘Afterwork’ deals with acts of reading, writing, and travelling as means of social reproductive labor. Thus it draws trans-geographical and trans-temporal connections from the workers’ practices of self-education in The Aesthetics of Resistance in the 30s of the 20th century in Germany to current emancipatory strategies of knowledge acquisition by workers from Indonesia through reading, writing and traveling. After ‘Afterwork’ follows the afterlife of a project co-initiated by KUNCI and Para Site, Hong Kong in early 2015 that engaged with a group of Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong as they participated in a series of activities such as reading group sessions. This collective editing process led to the creation of new literary works and the publication of Afterwork Readings. From its beginning as participatory research about affective labor within the context of migration to its culmination as an archival experiment on alterity in knowledge production, the project (and more importantly, the people within the project) has taken various voyages. In making use of narrative acts, After ‘Afterwork’ makes space not only for the struggle to carve out a belonging to a different time, place, and community, but also for habituating, to borrow Walter Mignolo’s term, a culture of “epistemic disobedience.”