Stine Marie Jacobsen

Mann beißt Hund, 2016. Stine Marie Jacobsen. Foto: Emma Haugh
Mann beißt Hund. Foto: Emma Haugh

Mediation as a generic form of artistic practice and the testing of new strategies of participation as co-production are recurring points of reference in the work of Stine Marie Jacobsen. The current installation is a part of her ongoing art project Mann beißt Hund, which she began in 2015. In this work, she interweaves conceptual, filmic, and pedagogical strategies within specific settings together with activists, lawyers, and students. The presented sculpture is the result of a collaboration between the artist and District with students from the trade school OSZ Handel Berlin, in which the group deconstructed existing laws regarding freedom of expression, equality, and anti-discrimination. Her personal experience involving everyday life and school were developed with lawyers into new legislative proposals that were permanently carved into school blackboards. The boards, of which five are now installed in the school library, bear witness to the students’ self-empowering engagement with laws as historic, political, and modifiable documents.