Offshoring maps. Rybn.Org. Foto: Emma Haugh
Offshoring maps (Treppenaufgang mit Kissen)
Offshoring maps (Videoprojektion an der Decke) Photo: Emma Haugh

RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform that investigates the realms of high-frequency economics and information technologies. Seeking to deconstruct and subvert the ideology that lies behind cybernetic capitalism, they insert suicidal trading machines into the financial markets, perverting neural networks during their training phase, or writing esoteric data mining algorithms. In the series Antidatamining, visualizations of financial data are extracted from the web. Economy is represented by its main agents—companies, groups and holdings, stock exchanges, banks and investment funds-—and their interactions: capital relationships, geographic and financial deployments, and structuralization on market places. Beyond the politics of permanent crisis and debt that finance operates, ADM aims to highlight the structure of the financialized economy seen as an aggregation of myths, beliefs and dogma. The program Offshoring maps was first released in 2006 as the first chapter of the series ADM. For Undisciplinary Learning the program has been rewritten and updated to include recent data from the ICIJ large investivations—Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks—but no changes were done to the structure of the visualization.