Julia Lazarus

Vive la Solidarité - La Z.A.D. est partout!
Photo: Emma Haugh

In her films, artistic and curatorial work, the artist Julia Lazarus deals with political architectures, social landscapes, and the subjective realities of life they produce. In collaboration with the Turkish environmental activist group Kuzey Ormanları Savunması, she’s currently working on a film that documents the impact that large building projects have on the forests and lakeland areas north of Istanbul. The newly opened third bridge over the Bosphorus, a new peripheral highway, and the planned aviation hub on the Black Sea are part of the Turkish government’s master plan for greater Istanbul. Since 2014 the activists from K.O.S. fight in collaboration with the residents of the affected rural areas against the repressive, capital-driven political developments that destroy people’s common spaces. They confront the mounting difficulties in present day Turkey with ever more courage and humor. Vive la Solidarité – La Z.A.D. est partout! shows a recording of the group’s performative solidarity actions for the French activists from Zone A Défendre, who are resisting a similar gigantic airport project in Nantes, France.